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Sleep well me love, love story of the century - gotta love a bass player.  We’re international baby


A dripping dropped stop.  Slopes of feeling merging through one another.  A bear of wonderment loping in the nighttime, he’s crying. 

Crying out and reaching for something he can’t see, swinging slowly through the ether.  Whether near or not we will find an end and a beginning and a middle too.  I survive, you watch me when you hope I’m not looking and you kiss her when you know that I am. 


I want to sleep I want you to adore me, adore my snoring.  


Power for me, powerfully try and stop me I dare you.  Now don’t leave or cry, just be.  Deep breath, one nose, two nose, three nose, four.  


A switch and a swirl we watch Venla and Veera in the sky on the beach.

Really lovely to see and hear and do and wait and watch.  Empathise scrap it break it - do vouch for more!  We seek, it is sought.

I’m laughing in my toes. 

Revelled and stop wrapped up oh so tight.  It is a drone sound twist and twirl - it’s beautiful.  Louuuuuuder than it was before = hold the phone you stinking horse.  Ladybug on the armchair.  Come closer to me, come further from here, hear that?  Hear ye, hear ye.  O loss.

Seeing lots of nothing.  A wave and it’s gone, tip toed out of my sight.  Catch a break, have a shake.  Other worldly - she watches.  I listen, you watch- reader and a writer, with a tall top hat!     Clean easy grace & beauty.  A reach, a wondering.  A leap and a landing.  That is right a landing----- you heard me! 





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