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Hello angels
How quickly your face emerged.
Don’t apologise, all the time wallowing i misery.
For the green light rolls and the funny font follows.
The thunder is getting close.
Trying to summon the energy to run,
crushing his dreams.
I’ll be there soon,
I’ll push myself too much.
I may go crazy
But hello angels, I’ll be there soon.
The thunder and lightning are close together now
What is this madness?
Some crazy hot sex?
I only had issues.
Don’t apologise.
It’s my way of doing art. So what?
Reservations cancelled, dreams sweet, and all that is felt is my snot on the pillow.


Despair is a dish best served cold.

With a complete loss of home,
throw half a cup of bitterness over your shoulder.

Manifesting a sharp knife,
Penetrate through the heart of desire.
Replacing the spice with fear,

Fragments of contemplation may arise,
expunge with finger nails immediately.

Inhale the aroma of a personified carcass,
until dry and sour.
crush the breath
Pickle it
Soon it will pleasure the senses

In the void of meaty flesh,
Spring may materialise now.

Devour it.
Because it’s all we have left.

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